Denise’s work touches your heart as well as your body…. Read what her clients say:

“Before I saw Denise, I was experiencing a lot of confusion and a lack of motivation about my business; a bogged down feeling.  Something inside me said, “reach out to Denise! She has the tools to help you!” And when this voice speaks, I know to listen to her.

I arrived and […]  I felt instantly at ease and taken care of.

“How is your heart?”  Is a question she asks often, and this time it really landed and even though the work cranio-sacral is incredibly subtle, it is wildly effective!  Like magic, really.

During the session, I was able to identify a lot of the source of my bogged-down-ness and lack of direction, verbalizing a lot of it and probed in the most gentle way by Denise’s incredibly open and non-judgmental questions…I felt more clarity.

What was most astonishing, to me—is that during the evening after our session, I had an outpouring of inspiration.  I stayed awake, working on a new set of programs, and eventually—birthed a new website, offerings and really pushed out what was hiding inside me for about a year.

If you ever feel stuck, confused, or overwhelmed…the incredible work Denise does really can help! I feel beyond grateful and know that I will be back again and again.”

– Brooke B., Jan. 2018

“She’s a master healer of the human body, heart, and mind. She sees what others don’t see  and this clear seeing illuminates the path forward. She brings a gentle and compassionate approach to hands on healing. She has helped me heal on many levels over the years and recently worked magic on my newborn son, helping him to “unwind” tension from his birth and settle more comfortably into his new human form. It was amazing to bear witness to that!”

–  Kelly L., May 2018

“Denise is an incredible healer and although words are not accurate in conveying the vastness of her work I will try.  Denise has done biodynamic work on both myself and my six year old son. Her warm nature and compassionate presence invites a feeling of safety, calm, and trust from the minute you meet her.  She is wise, intuitive, fun and extremely knowledgeable about not only the physical elements of the body but the subtle and energetic levels as well.

My son was struggling with stomach pain that was unexplained by several different doctors and a trip to the ER.  We had begun an elimination diet and chose a more holistic path to healing as we were not getting any answers or relief. Denise told my son she was going “to talk to his nervous system”. He immediately fell into relaxation as she placed her hands on different parts of his body.  After the treatment was over she taught him some yoga therapy movements that he could do as well as some pressure points on his foot. He left feeling at ease and expressed “Mrs. Denise is really fun!” From that day he has had no stomach pain and or issues that we had previously been dealing with.

Denise invites the inner healer to wake up with her own extremely powerful healing gifts. Denise is a gift to this world and we are unbelievably grateful for her healing work and knowledge.”

– Lacey M, April 2018

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Denise for the last three years and cannot even begin to explain the depth to which she has impacted my life. She intuitively knows what you need and when you need it and creates a beautiful space for profound healing. Whether you’re interested in working with Denise as a yoga/meditation teacher or for bodywork, I highly recommend that you do. Working with her is absolute magic.

I had a biodynamic craniosacral appointment with Denise that was an incredibly healing experience. She created such a safe space, talking me through what to expect before beginning and then respecting my desire to be quiet and feel throughout the session. I’d been experiencing pain in my sacrum and after just one session it decreased substantially. Whether you’re experiencing physical pain or an emotional block, Denise will be able to get that energy moving so you can begin to heal!”

– Kaleigh C, May 2018

“Sessions with Denise have allowed me to go deeper and open more in my physical body, in my yoga practice, and in my life. I am so grateful for Denise’s wide range of skills that come together to create the perfect session I didn’t know I needed every time I see her!”

– Kim H., May 2018

“I am the healthiest and strongest I’ve ever been thanks to my work with Denise.  I started working with Denise to get stronger after major knee surgery.  Within months of working with her, I found myself in two of the most stressful situations in my life (a legal battle and a devastating house fire).  Denise intuitively knew what my mind and body needed to get me through these difficult situations.  She helped me to stay centered, focused, and to not slide too far into not caring for my body.  Denise is highly intuitive, and picks up on what your body needs.  Many times we spent our sessions doing body work and craniosacral work.  She knew this was what my body needed to heal and restore.  As I grew stronger, we worked into more and more movement and strengthening.  Because I have many bone and joint issues, as well as muscular issues, it’s been difficult for me to engage in group yoga classes or strength training throughout the years.  Denise worked at my pace and I’m now strong enough to do group yoga classes with confidence, and I feel better than ever.  I love that Denise’s work is so individualized.  Denise is a wise guide and teacher and I leave every session with her feeling centered and restored.  She brings a feeling of ease and calm with her and is a true supportive presence.”

– Amanda J., May 2018